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Punch-Drunk Reverie

Punch Bowl Falls · Eagle Creek · Columbia River Gorge · Bonneville · Oregon · USA

Early morning sunlight streams in over famed Punch Bowl Falls, casting dramatic sunbeams across the falls' self-generated mist.

One of the great pleasures photography has blessed me with is the ability to connect with world-class talent both locally and across the globe. I wouldn't dare count myself among them, so it was with extreme pleasure and privilege when Dylan Toh and Marianne Lim, who together comprise the insanely dynamic photographic duo known as Everlook Photography based out of Adelaide, Australia, contacted me through this very website and asked if I was free to join them for a segment of their whirlwind tour of the Pacific Northwest.

Fortunately our busy circles managed to intersect at the nexus of the popular Eagle Creek Trail. Dylan and I arrived early hoping to catch some atmospheric fog and of course avoid the inevitable throngs of people to come, compelled by a rare stretch of sunny autumn weather coinciding with the weekend. We didn't get the fog we were hoping for, but the parade of people was already starting to ramp up by the time we got there, so we were fortunate to arrive when we did. And then of course, there was the light...oh, that light. Overcast conditions be damned--I'll take clear blue skies any day if it results in scenes like this.

Now obviously the complexity of a post-processing job does not in and of itself make for a good image, but for the techie types who just love to lift the hood, this ended up being a 19-image blend (if I did my math right) for dynamic range and depth of field--quite extreme in both cases. I wasn't entirely sure I could bring it all together in post-processing, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Almost makes me forget the 36-degree water my poor little piggies had to endure. (It's possible my thermometer may have been off a few degrees, but for drama's sake let's just go with that number...)
Punch-Drunk Reverie